5 Foods that help to stay warm during winter

Winter is a time when you need to consume food items that are warm in nature

dry fruits

Winter is a time when you need to stay warm and apart from warm clothes , you need the right food in your diet. It is a time when people tend to crave food items that are warm. There are many ingredients that can be found in the kitchen that tend to generate heat naturally in the body. Such foods are good for people who have a low body immunity. Here are a few foods that can be included in your everyday diet during the winter season.

1. Dry fruits – When you crave for snacks in between meals, dry fruits can be a great option. Figs in specific can be a great choice as they help to stay warm. Dates are also rich in iron and are great to be consumed during winter season. They are not just warm but also help to boost the energy levels in the body.

2. Clarified butter – Clarified butter is a great source of unsaturated fat and can be used for cooking during winter season. It helps to keep the body warm and also keeps the energy levels up. It can be a great companion with breads and tea.

3. Root vegetables – Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic are actually roots and are digested slowly in the body. They are not just good for the digestion but is also a good source of warmth for the body. Some of these vegetables are seasonal, which makes them even more healthier.

4. Honey – Make sure that you are using raw, filtered and unprocessed honey. It can be added to the winter beverages as it is a natural sweetener and is naturally warm. It can also be added to salads as a dressing.

5. Spices – There some of the hot spices like ginger, cinnamon and cloves which can be added to curries for added flavor and also adds its warmth. They are best for the winter season and can be used in a variety of food items.

Photo Credits: Pixabay