5 Amazing health benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are not just good as a garnish but also has many health benefits

sesame seeds

Many think that sesame seeds are just a part of the garnish that can be found on a burger. But now many are aware that sesame seeds also have many health benefits. They are a must have during the winter season as it helps to keep the body warm for a long period of time. Sesame is very versatile and can be used in garnish, curries and can also be used to make desserts. They add a nice nutty flavor to the dishes and gives it a good attractive look. They are rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Here are a few health benefits of sesame seeds.

1. Maintains energy levels – Sesame seeds are stuffed with fibre, calcium and iron and also have high fat content. This helps to maintain the energy levels in the body and keeps you energetic.

2. Keeps stress away – Serotonin is a chemical that helps to maintain a good mood. Sesame oil contains tyrosine that affects the activity of serotonin. Stress is a common phenomenon among the people and regular consumption can reduce the stress levels.

3. Maintains bone health – Sesame is a good source of calcium and women are often prone to deficiency of calcium, which can ultimately lead to chances of osteoporosis. The seeds also contain zinc which is important for keeping the bones healthy and strong.

4. Helps to maintain a proper blood pressure – High blood pressure has become a common disease among people who have a busy lifestyle. Sesame contains magnesium which helps to avoid the problem of hypertension. The polysaturated fats keep a check on regulating the blood pressure levels in the body.

5. Good for winter skin – Winter is surely a tough time for the skin and oils in sesame helps to keep the dryness in check. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and can also rectify skin issues like redness and sores.

Photo Credits: Pixabay