David Beckham Files Lawsuit Against Gossip Magazine “In Touch”


Updated Trends: David Beckham Files Lawsuit Against Gossip Magazine “In Touch”

English footballer David Beckham has filed a lawsuit against the gossip magazine ‘In Touch’, for publishing wrong information about him. The popular magazine had published a news that, David Beckham had slept with a prostitute named Irma Nici, in the year 2007 at New York’s Le Parker Meridian Hotel.


Beckham’s legal team has taken up the initiative and have filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles court, accusing the magazine publisher of libel, slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress, over David. On the other this will also hamper David’s image in the world of sports.

After the whole scenario had erupted and that Beckham had decided to take legal action against the magazine, the prostitute Nici has gone hiding since. But Beckham has decided that he will be slapping her with a 5 million pound claim charge. One of Beckham’s friends stated that, David will anyhow try to find out this woman, who has claimed a very filthy and dirty charge on him, and that she might have thought by doing this she would get some attention from the media. It seems Nicci found the wrong person to claim her little story on, too bad for her.