Breast cancer vaccine eliminates disease completely from patient

Florida patient become the first person to be administered with the breast cancer vaccine which worked

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is affecting several females across the globe. More and more number of cases are being registered and most of the time it is diagnosed only when a lump is felt in the breast. Going through the entire process of treatment for cancer can be painful and emotionally draining as well. But what if there is a vaccine that can be administered in the early stages of breast cancer. A resident of Florida has become the first one to be breast cancer free with the help of a new vaccine.

Lee Mercker, was diagnosed with the first stage of cancer in March, 2019. The resident received the shock of her life as she was diagnosed with the disease, despite living a healthy lifestyle. Mercker said that she was shocked and that people around her were even more shocked to know about her condition. The resident said that she went to the clinic to get the treatment started but then the doctor asked her if she would like to undergo an experiment that would be vaccine that works in early-stage of breast cancer. The vaccine included a few shots and to everyone’s surprise, the vaccine worked. Dr. Keith Knutson, who suggested Mercker about the vaccine from the Mayo Clinic shared that they found the elimination of the tumor and also a strong immune system that was building.

The results on Mercker were what his team had expected the vaccine would do, but she was the first human to be tested with the vaccine. However, Mercker underwent double mastectomy to be on the safer side and to ensure that her body was cancer free. The vaccine was just a trial. The breast tissue that was removed can be studied for further tests that could be conducted.

Dr. Knutson after the success with the first patient, said that they are also trying the vaccine with two more patients.

Photo Credits: Pixabay