Amazon-recommended security cameras have security flaws

Some of the Amazon-recommended security cameras have security flaws but are still being sold

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Fresh findings from an investigation conducted by UK customer watchdog Which? has mentioned that a selection of security cameras that are sold by Amazon on its website come with huge security risks. The findings from the investigation have been released on September 27, 2019. Six different wireless cameras were tested and it was found by Which? that the devices were easy to hack due to weak passwords and unencrypted data that can enable strangers to remotely take control of the camera to spy in to people’s homes and view footage as they please.

One of the cameras that were tested in the investigation has an Amazon Choice label. This means that it is an item that is bought by many buyers and were also satisfied with it. However, that does not mean that it has been heavily vetted by Amazon. The Amazon Choice Label is important as these are the items that the Amazon’s search engine will deliver when the users ask Alexa to search for them. Which? has mentioned that lack of vetting on such Amazon recommended products is very concerning.

Adam French, a consumer rights expert at Which? in a statement said, “There appears to be little to no quality control with these sub-standard products, that risk people’s security yet are being endorsed and sold on Amazon.” The expert continued, “Amazon and other online market places must take these cameras off sale and improve the way they scrutinize such products.” Adam also said that they should not be endorsing products that put people’s privacy at risk.

Some of the customers have also posted safety concerns in some of the reviews online. One of the consumers had reviewed one of the $35.99 Victure security cameras and said, “Someone spied on us”. The product had the Amazon Choice badge. The customer added that they talked through the camera and had turned the camera on at will. Despite complaining to Amazon, the e-commerce giant continues to sell it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay