Domino’s invites candidates to taste new garlic bread

Domino’s has posted a job that will pay $20 an hour to taste their new garlic bread


Pizza giant Domino’s has never left a stone unturned to offer the best taste for its customers. The fast food  giant has the best job for people who are living in Australia. Dominoes has call all those who are interested in a job for the Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester. The job has been posted on a popular online job finding site and the position is not just for those who are living in Brisbane.

It is ok even of the candidate lives anywhere in Australia as the company is ready to pay for a hotel stay along with a to and fro domestic flight allowance. If Domino’s is ready to shell out so much of its money, then it surely means business and the candidate has to be ready good at his/her craft. So it is also hard to image what kind of skills must be added to the CV while applying for the job.

To make things, easy, the company has listed a few expectations from the candidate. It has mentioned that it is looking for a candidate who is able to calculate and know the exact ratio of the crunch and softness. The candidate should also not have a carb that they have never liked so far. The applicant must also have working tastebuds and should have burned their fingers at least once when they were not able to wait for the hot garlic bread to come down to a normal temperature. While the description might seem a little too much, but it surely makes sense as at a brand like Domino’s there is no space for jokes and no time to waste.

The job posting also mentioned that they are also looking for people who have earlier worked as a critic for other’s food or food choices. The candidates can explain in 200 words or can post a 30second video on what makes them the best for the job.

Photo Credits: Pixabay