McDonalds to accept job applications through Alexa and Google Assistant

McDonalds has embraces new tech and has announced its initiative known as Apply Thru


Adopting new technology is always progressive. Sometimes it becomes the need for the time and many times it attracts the younger generation. One such initiative has been taken by fast food giant McDonalds by introducing Apply Thru. Owners of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices  can now start applying for a job with the help of the voice commands “Alexa” or “Ok Google”. McDonalds is focusing the technology to attract  and provide young people to begin careers at one of its fast food restaurants.

However, the applicant will not be able to complete the application process  with the help of the Google Assistants. After beginning with the commands to the Assistants, the candidates will have to answer some of the basic questions loudly. After the basic questions have been answered, the candidate will receive a text message, that will have a link to the rest of the process of the application online. McDonalds’ recent initiative is a part of its efforts to constantly embrace latest technologies in some or other way and sending out the message that  it is a millennial friendly brand.

The fast food chain has faced a tough time in the past decade due to the increase in competition and the growing trend of eating and living healthy. A shift has been noticed in the dining culture which has drastically reduced the number of drive-thru runs. People are now shifting towards ordering through mobile app. McDonalds has been more ambitious in terms of embracing new tech. In fact it is in to testing actual robots in the kitchen along with voice activated drive-thru process.

The fast food brand has also made a few acquisitions in 2019 including the AI startup called the Dynamic Yield  which was estimated at $300 million. It will help to make more AI improvements as well as personalization in the drive-thru experience of the customers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay