Eating a handful of nuts a day can help keep away gradual weight gain

A study has said that consuming a handful of nuts in a day can help you keep away from gradual weight gain


Experts have always talked about tossing a few nuts on an everyday basis. A new study has supported the consumption of nuts that is related to less risk of weight gain. Researchers of the study have talked about the importance of eating nuts on a regular basis as they are beneficial of keeping the weight in check. It also helps not to gain extra weight.

According to the researchers, consumption of nuts have to be increased by just 14 grams per day and has the potential to reduce obesity risk and also leads to comparatively less weight gain. It is not just about adding nuts to your everyday diet, but experts have also given a guideline on reducing processed foods like fried stuff, ultra processed meat or fried potato chips. All the above foods can be replaced by a few healthy nuts which are filling and also good for health. The amount of fibre present in the nuts helps to keep you feel full for a longer time and also keeps a strict check on weight.

Nut also contain some healthy fats along with fibre, minerals and vitamins and are dense in terms of calories. Experts have found a moderate increase in the consumption of nut among the people in US in the past 20 years. The researchers had followed the participants for about 20 years. Every 4 years the participants were inquired about their weight and were also asked about the frequency of the nuts that they have consumed. The nuts included peanut butter and peanuts.

The questionnaire that was filled out by the participants also included the weekly exercise schedule that had jogging, walking, gardening, swimming and sports. It was found that consuming any kind of nut was beneficial  in terms of less weight gain in long term. Moreover, replacing foods like processed meat and fast food with healthy nuts had also proved to be beneficial.

Photo Credits: Pixabay