Make Amazon Echo find your lost keys

Amazon Echo can now remember where you have kept your important items

amazon echo

It is often noticed that everyone tends to lose something or other in the house. The articles that we often forget where we have kept can be your passport, keys, important documents and so on. But now Amazon Echo can help you to find the items that you have misplaced. No, it is not a chip that we are placing on the important things, but we have to just tell Alexa to remember exactly where you have placed your important item, especially when you are placing it in a new , different or an unusual spot.

You can then ask Alexa again when you are ready to find it. The feature on the Amazon Echo is very useful, especially when you are constantly in a rush and always go blank on where you left your wallet, keys, glass or phone. But the catch is that, the user has to remember to tell Alexa where you are placing the thing. Just tell Alexa to remember where you have placed something that you will need to find it again.

For instance the user has to say, “Alexa, remember I put my birth certificate in the second drawer of my filing cabinet.” The Amazon Echo will then confirm what you would like to remember. This can work for absolutely any item and the users can try it out with their wallet, car keys, TV remote, marriage license, phone and so many other things. And when you are looking back for the item that you have probably lost, just say, “Alexa, where did I put my birth certificate?” Alexa will then repeat exactly where you said your item would be, so you can go an grab it.

But the users have to keep in mind that, Alexa has to be told where the item has been placed. However, if you are still very forgetful, then there are RFID devices that can be placed on the keychain, wallet or any items that you don’t want them to be lost.

Photo Credits: Pixabay