Target launching grocery brand Good & Gather

Target has launched new grocery brand to improve its food business


For many years United States based retailer Target had been rolling out private-label brands in apparel and home goods and is now all set to introduce a grocery brand. Products from the new line Good & Gather will soon hit the Target Stores from September 15, 2019. The retailer has said that by 2020, the brand will have more than 2,000 items and will include everything from pizza crusts, eggs, milk, hazelnut and peanut butter spreads, salad mixed, frozen vegetables, pastas and more.

Target says that it expects Good & Gather will be a multibillion-dollar brand and the largest of its private labels. Stephanie Lundquist, the head of food and beverage at Target said, “We’ve been hard at work [on this] for the last couple years. Food and beverage play such an important role for Target’s business … for the Target experience.” Lundquist pointed out that nearly 75 percent of Target shoppers in the stores are adding at least one food item in their baskets and added that when they do so, their basket sizes are two times larger.

It was also pointed out by the in charge that one of Target’s biggest strengths is the fact that they are one-stop shop for their guests. But still many analysts have criticized about the fresh food offering of the retailer and have termed them as lackluster and an afterthought. The shoppers can also find national snack brands like Frito-Lay chips, Cheerios serial and Chobani yogurt. But people do not often seek out target as a destination for all of their groceries as they might at Walmart. A loaf of bread or a box of granola bars have been add-ons to Target baskets which are already filled with make-up and cleaning and office supplies.

Lundquist has also informed that the grocery business has had seven consecutive quarters of positive same-store sales growth and six quarters of market share gains. New store remodelings have helped boost the category.

Photo Credits: Pixabay