Impossible Burger now to be served at hospitals and schools

Impossible Burger has tied up with catering company Sodexo to serve plant-based meat

impossible burger

Food catering company Sodexo and the company behind the Impossible Burger, Impossible Foods have signed a contract. The French based food services and facilities management company services about 1,500 schools, corporate and hospital cafeterias, so they will be able to serve the Impossible Burger along with their products to their patrons.

Meanwhile, Redwood City, which is a California based startup has struggled to meet the demand of the plant based meat. Impossible sells its products to more than 400 redistributors and distributors which then sells the product to restaurants like Burger King and White Castle. Sheetal Shah from Impossible Foods while talking to a leading daily said that the plant-based protein maker is now in 10,000 restaurants and it expects to expand to 17,000 by the end of the year.

Shah while talking about partnering with the group said, “We are going to be able to significantly ramp up production”. Impossible Foods has said that it has doubled its capacity at its Oakland facility in California to meet the ongoing consumer demand and it expects next month to produce at scale with the new partnership.

The US based retail sales of plant-based foods are up by 11 percent in 2019. Barclays has said that the fake meat sector can reach an estimated $140 billion in the next decade.

Photo Credits: Pixabay