Asus Zenfone 6 up for pre-orders

Asus Zenfone 6 featuring flip-up camera is now up for pre-orders

zenfone 6

The market has endless options in terms of smartphones. With the increasing saturation in the market, smartphone companies are trying to being out the best devices with unique specifications especially cameras. This is when Asus stood out when it announce its latest flagship the Zenfone 6 with its quirky flip-up camera. Since the announcement, the device has been shipped to many countries across the globe but is yet to see a launch in the US. But now it seems like things are working out for the Zenfone 6 in the US market and is now available for pre-order on B&H.

Earlier the gadget enthusiasts were informed with three false launch dates but are finally now up for pre-orders for real. The Zenfone 6 is for now only available on the American photo and video equipment retailer B&H and cannot be seen on any of the other e-commerce giants like Amazon, Best Buy or even Asus’s own store. The device can now be pre-ordered but the shipping date has not been specified. This indicates that the users might have to wait for a little more longer to get thir hands in the device.

The buyers can select between black and silver colors with 64GB and 128GB variants. The 64 GB variant costs $499.99 while the 128GB variant costs $549.99. All the mentioned models are locked and come with free 3-month Mint Mobile prepaid SIM card. More specifications include a 6.4 FHD+ display with Snapdragon 855, 6 GB RAM and 5,000 mAh battery. The devices comes with 48 MP and 13 MP ultra-wide lenses that flip up and Android 9 Pie.

The Zenfone 6 is a wholly original design and takes everything from its predecessor Zenfone 5Z. Apart from great specifications, the device surely looks attractive and has excellent design elements. It has incredibly minimized bezels with a subtle curve of the back with two beautiful color options.

Photo Credits: Pixabay