5 Recent developments in diabetes management

Diabetes has become a common condition and many new developments have made things easier for such patients


Proper management of diabetes involves good healthcare, achieve better treatments, better therapies and safe care. Managing such a condition means to have a good control on blood glucose levels, less hypoglycemia and to ultimately find a cure. In the recent decade, the task has become easier with the help of advance technologies in drugs, devices, software and alternative therapies in diabetes treatment. In the latest development in diabetes management here are a few things thatr you need to be aware of.

1. In terms of exercise – People who have diabetes can easily and very effectively manage the condition with the help of proper and guided exercise. The best part is that there is no form that is outdated but recent studies have shown that resistance training and aerobic exercise help to lower insulin levels in previously sedentary older adults at risk of diabetes.

2. In terms of diet – Everyone is aware that diet plays a very important and a huge role in minimizing the onset of type 2 diabetes. The latest diet plan is the Ketogenic or the Keto diet that has beneficial effects. The Keto diet includes high fat, moderate protein and very low carbohydrate eating pattern.

3. In terms of blood sugar monitoring – The Flash glucose monitoring is the latest in diabetes management. This constantly monitors glucose levels in the interstitial fluid through a sensor that sticks to the back of the arm. It is designed to liberate patients from the hassles of traditional finger-prick, blood glucose monitor.

4. In terms of medication – In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration approved the Soliqua 100/33 which is a combination of insulin glargine and lixisenatide. With this, the patient needs just one injection instead of two that makes a huge difference to the everyday life of someone with diabetes.

5. In terms of Insulin therapy – Insulin is usually administered to the fat with a syringe or an insulin Pen or an insulin pump. Many new insulin pens have been under development which are advanced and cause less trauma.

Photo Credits: Pixabay