Trump claims Apple to announce plans to build new factory in Texas

Donald Trump says that Apple will soon be announcing to build a new factory in Texas


US President Donald Trump has assured that Cupertino based tech giant Apple is all set to open a U.S. factory in Texas. The comments came from the president on the same day when he disseminated a tweet saying that he would not grant Apple a waiver that would prevent it from having to pay import taxes on parts of the Mac Pro imported from China. Trump has also pointed out that if the company made parts in the States then it would not face tariffs on them.

Apple has designed its products in the US while many of them are manufactured in China. Though a mid way has been made in terms of the trade war between US and China, but the already announced tariffs remain in place. In July, 2018 Trump said that he was told by Apple CEO Tim Cook that the company is building three big plants. However, the comment was not true. Apple later denied that no such conversations took place and added that it certainly did not have any plans to build any factories in the US.

Trump’s has had an on and off relationship with Apple and had also called for a boycott of the company in February 2016. Apple had then refused a court order to unlock the iPhone 5c that belonged to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. The company had refused as it would have required that the company develops a special operating system for the government. Apple also feared that the software would get in to wrong hands and would make all the iPhones vulnerable to getting hacked.

An Apple executive, on the condition of anonymity responded saying, “Trump’s call for (an) Apple boycott puts the company in standing with other good people he has criticized.” The president had then threatened to stop using his iPhone and said that he would use a Samsung handset until Apple gave FBI what it wanted.

Photo Credits: Pixabay