Similac Recall: Parents Worry For Their Babies Health


Updated Trends: Similac Recall: Parents Worry For Their Babies Health

After the Similac Recall, parents in America and the surrounding nations are worried about their babies health, after the company declared the presence of a bug in one of their cans. Similac has recalled some 5 million containers of America’s favorite powdered infant formula. As per the experts the consumption of the infected powder can irritate babies’ delicate digestive tracts, and might make them refuse to eat.
similac infant formula

Dr. Abbott Laboratories has stated that there is a thin possibility that there could actually be a beetle present in one of their cans. Laboratories spokesperson stated that the contamination of the bug in the containers is from the manufacturing unit in Sturgis Michigan, which has currently stopped its production.

The company has said that it has recalled the rectangular tubs of Similac weighing 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce. The common beetle called Trogoderma variabile, is found ample near food grains, offices, houses and kitchens in America. As per the Food and Drug Association of America, they have stated that there is no high level risk by the consumption of the insect, but there could be some minor health problems in babies after consumption.