Virginia Execution: Teresa Lewis Executed Despite Strong Protests


Updated Trends: Virginia Execution: Teresa Lewis Executed Despite Of Strong Protests

In the shadow of the Virginia execution issue, Teresa Lewis was executed by the authorities despite strong protests by people all around America. Teresa was executed on Thursday night, as she was given a lethal injection at the Greensville correctional center. There were strong protests from lawyers and international celebrities from America and around the world, as they stated that she should have been given clemency instead of death.

Teresa-Lewis Execution

Reports state that Teresa was convicted of evolving a plot of killing her husband and stepson, but it was said the she was a woman with a very low IQ. She allegedly convinced two men to murder her husband Julian Lewis and her step son Charles Lewis, in return that she would provide them with Sex and money.

According to reports,  Teressa was very terrified during her last moment of her life, just before she received the lethal injection. Lawyers stated that she was not the prime motivator crime and that they demanded for Clemency, but the plea was rejected by the court later. It is still a mystery that a woman with such a low IQ could actually plan out a full fledged murder of her own husband and step son.