‘Stuxnet’ Worm Virus Had Targeted Iran’s Nuclear Power Station


Updated Trends: ‘Stuxnet’ Worm Virus Had Targeted Iran’s Nuclear Power Station

‘Stuxnet’ a worm virus was targeted to attack the Iran Nuclear Power Station, in one of the most sophisticated virus attack ever. The world can term it as the most advanced cyber super weapon, which is build to deploy sophisticated attacks on sensitive areas of a particular nation. The computer worm known as ‘Stuxnet’ was detected in the month of June.

Stuxnet Through USB

Internet security personnel have stated that these worms are built to attack real time targets such as power stations. The virus is built to target systems which are not connected to the internet for security concerns, and it travels through memory sticks and others media storage devices.

The worm is one of the most sophisticated viruses ever built, the worm enters the computer and then searches for Siemens Industrial control systems, which is available in nuclear power stations and other industries. Then it stays there till it gets ready and after which it attacks the programing system, literally reprograms the industrial machines, with potentially dangerous instruction, which can even lead to self destruction.