Famous Pop Singer Eddie Fisher Dies At The Age Of 82


Updated Trends: Famous Pop Singer Eddie Fisher Dies At The Age Of 82

A strong blow to the world of music, as famous pop singer of America, Eddie Fisher died at the age of 82 in Los Angeles. His death was caused due some complications due to a hip surgery that he had undergone. His family stated that the world has lost an icon and that he will be remembered by many.


In the early 50’s, Eddie had sold millions of his records which include some 32 memorable songs, like – ‘Thinking of You,’ ‘Any Time,’ ‘Oh, My Pa-pa,’ ‘I’m Yours,’ and ‘Wish You Were Here.’ His voice was enthralling and he had a huge fan following of young girls before his marriage.

Indeed the world will be missing a genuine American icon who had redefined American pop music in the 50’s. After a decade of unbelievable success, he had wanted to make a come back in the year 1983, but the amount of scandals he was involved in, his loving fans had turned away from him. But even though he was in some sort of controversies, Eddie was a gem in his heart.

“We Will Miss You Eddie”