3 magic drinks that help lower high blood pressure levels

high blood pressure

Ignorance of high blood pressure can lead to serious health problems including heart attacks and strokes. But not many are aware that there are a few simple ways, the condition can be avoided or reduced. The key is a healthy diet. The National Health Service (NHS) has recommended to cut down on salt in the diet and to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. There are also individual foods that hold lower blood pressure-lowering qualities. Below are mentioned three drinks that are known to lower high blood pressure in the most natural way.

1. Kombucha – Those who are wondering, what food this is with an unusual name, it is a fermented food that is rich in probiotics, which is a beneficial bacteria that plays an important role in the maintenance of gut health. There are many studies that have found that eating probiotics had a modest effect on blood pressure. Better results were noticed when the participants consumed multiple species of probiotic bacteria for more than eight weeks and consumed at least 100 billion colony-forming units in a day. More instances of fermented foods include kimchi, yoghurt, miso and tempeh.

2. Green tea – A study was published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2004 that mentioned that green tea can help lower blood pressure. 25 randomized controlled trials were analyzed by the researchers to know about the association between different types of tea and high blood pressure. It was found that in the short term, tea did not seem to make a difference to blood pressure. But in long term tea had a significant impact. It was observed that after 12 weeks of drinking tea, blood pressure was lowered by 2.6mmHg systolic and 2.2mmHg diastolic.

3. Beetroot juice – Queen Mary University of London carried out a research involving 64 volunteers who drank a cup of beetroot juice a day for the duration of the study. All the participants were high blood pressure patients and drank 150 ml of the vegetable juice a day. It was found that blood pressure levels came down to normal levels.

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