6 travel essentials for safety purpose


Travelling is surely fun but it can turn in to a stressful experience if you end up in an emergency situation or forget something that you had to pack or carry along. It is better to be safe than sorry. Here is a list of safety essentials that you can need during the time of emergency.

1. Hand sanitizer – Travelling means you are using a public transport and it is essential to carry a hand sanitizer along with a toilet seat sanitizer. Your body might be immune, but there are all the chances to catch an STD or STI from the toilet seats, which are used by many people. There can also be situations when you might not find water and in such situations a hand sanitizer is a good replacement.

2. First aid kit – A well equipped first aid kit is very essential in case of an SOS or emergency situations. You can need pain killers, anti-vomiting medications or bandages that can be used for injuries. Make sure that the medicines that you keep in the kit are prescribed by the doctor and are updated time to time so you do not consume expired medicines.

3. Identification – it is very essential to carry an identification along with you. A few extra government approved identification cards can come handy especially while travelling so that it can be easy for others to identify in case of an accident.

4. Tissues – Tissues are not just essential for maintain proper hygiene, but can also be handy in case of emergencies.

5. Earphones – Travelling can sometimes become boring especially when you are travelling alone. A good pair of earphones can come to your rescue when you are getting bored or if you want to escape a crying baby who is travelling along.

6. Cash – A little bit of cash is very essential during times of emergencies. Always keep extra cash while travelling.

Photo Credits: Instagram