Poland Spring Water to be sold in recycled bottles

Poland spring water

Nestle Waters North America made an announcement on June 3, 2019 that the Poland Spring water that is still and under one gallon will be sold in recycled bottles by 2022. The move will be a part of the broader recycling commitment that was made by the company. The US water arm of Nestle said that it plans to recycle plastic bottles across 25 percent of its portfolio by 2021. And by 2025, the company wishes to increase that amount to 50 percent.

David Tulauskas, the Nestle Water’s North America’s chief sustainability officer told a leading daily, “We spent a lot of time designing these bottles to ensure that they move efficiently and effectively through the recycling value web. We want the bottle back.” Many other big companies have also vowed to use more recycled materials in the next several years. The new commitment has come after the consumers are more increasingly aware of the harm posed by plastic waste.

Plastic hurts the marine life and has been found in the soil, air and water and so the government is taking more measures to bring bans on plastic bags and straws. The recycling solutions are also a way for the companies to keep their branded products from becoming litter that could hurt their reputations. However, the commitments made by the company are not easy to pull off. The recycling infrastructure is more built up in some of the US cities than the others.

Rules for what can be recycled vary from place to place. At the same time in order for the recyclers to get the materials that they need, people have to dispose their waste in the right way. With so many parts, companies have to do a lot to make sure they can keep up to those promises. Nestle is one such company like many others that have contributed money in to the closed Loop Fund that invests in recycling technologies.

Photo Credits: Fortune