5 Summer skin mistakes that make your skin suffer

Summer is a time that goes harsh on the skin and here are a few mistakes that you can avoid while taking care of your skin


It is always good to follow a set of rules that are meant for skin care. Such skin care rules help to keep the skin happy and glowing. Proper skin care becomes even more important during summer and that is due to the heat, humidity, chlorine and off-course the sunshine. Here are a few mistakes that can be avoided during summer time.

1. Not wearing sunscreen – Some avoid wearing a good sunscreen while many people do not know the right way. Protection of the skin is essential as the harmful UV radiations from the sun can also cause skin cancer and also lead to premature ageing.

2. Considering make-up as protection from sun – Even if your make-up contains SPF, even then you need to apply a sunscreen. The SPF in make-up does not filter the UV rays as it is usually applied light.

3. Exfoliation in morning – it is healthy to exfoliate the skin but it must be only exfoliated in the night. The layer of dead skin cells acts as a protection against the UV rays. Moreover BHAs, AHAs and retinoids, must all be used in the night as they can make the skin even more sensitive and prone to sunburns.

4. Waxing, lasering or shaving right before beach – This is the most common summer skin mistake and waxing or shaving right before hitting the beach as it can cause some serious skin irritation from sun, sunscreen or even sand.

5. Not using moisturizer – Summer surely means humidity but that does not mean that it is OK to skip the moisturizer. The skin has to be kept hydrated even if you feel a little oily during the summer months.

6. Forgetting to use SPF on lips – Lips are the most vulnerable part of the skin and is prone to UV damage. Not wearing a sunscreen on the lips can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Photo Credits: Pixabay