Six foods to avoid food poisoning

Experts have listed down a list of foods to avoid condition of food poisoning

food poisoning

Many times we eat something that seems to be right, but after a few hours you find your stomach rumbling and end up with nausea, cramps and sometimes even fever. Food poisoning is a very dreaded experience and it can sometimes even be life threatening. It was found by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that one in six Americans get sick from food poisoning every year. Here are a few foods that be avoided in order to stay away from food poisoning.

1. Unpasteurized milk or packaged juices – Some people prefer to have unpasteurized milk or also known as raw milk. Such milk can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses and even parasites. Packaged juices have also been linked to E.Coli outbreaks.

2. Raw Sprouts – Raw sprouts surely have several health benefits but are linked to outbreaks of illness caused by poisoning from Salmonella and E.Coli bacteria.

3. Pre-cut or pre-washed fruits and vegetables – This might sound strange but experts insist that they can also be problematic. Food is more likely to be tainted if it is more frequently handled and processed.

4. Raw or uncooked eggs – During the 90s and the 80s era, raw and uncooked eggs were directly linked to a massive salmonella epidemic. In 2010, another salmonella outbreak was reported and registered 2000 cases. However, the risk of egg contamination is much lower than it was 20 years back for salmonella. It is still better to each your eggs well cooked.

5. Raw oysters or other raw shellfish – Raw oysters are regarded as luxury but in recent times it has been causing more food-borne illness. This might be happening due to warming waters that cause more microbial growth. If there is bacteria in the water then it will surely get in to their system and if that is eaten then you could have trouble.

Photo Credits: Pixabay