5 Common myths about chocolate busted

Chocolate is a food that can be healthy when it is consumed in moderation but there are also a few myths associated with it


Chocolate is a favourite snack for many of us. It also helps to uplift your mood in no time. Chocolates has many health benefits when it is consumed in moderation. But there are many myths that are associated with the tasty delight. Here are a few common myths that are associated with chocolate and shouldn’t be believed.

1. Chocolates do not have health benefits – The fact is that chocolates are packed with anti-oxidants, zinc and magnesium. They also contain, calcium, phosphate and protein which help in reducing insulin resistance. Consumption of dark chocolate in moderation can help to keep your heart healthy.

2. Eating chocolates increases weight – Chocolate cannot be the sole reason behind the weight gain. Dr. Anju Sood, a Bengaluru based nutritionist says that anything that is eaten in moderation will not affect the health and weight. It is absolutely OK to eat chocolates unless they are consumed in moderation. Excess consumption of any processed food can lead to weight gain.

3. Eating chocolates can cause acne – Diet indeed plays a major role when it comes to skin health. Dr Anju has explained that chocolate can cause acne due to the presence of fat in it but it does not happen always and depends a lot on the type of skin. High intake of oily food is the major reason of acne.

4. Chocolates can cause headaches – Many people have often seen chocolates as the culprits for migraines and headaches. But various studies have found absolutely no link between the two. Dr Anju says, “There’s no connection between the both. If you’re prone to migraine then it might trigger but apart from this, it doesn’t.”

5. White Chocolates is chocolate – The fact is that white chocolates are not really a chocolate. It is known to be a confection that is made with the help of cocoa butter, milk solids and vanilla.

The conclusion is chocolate can actually be healthy when it is consumed in moderation and the concept of moderation applies to all foods.

Photo Credits: Pixabay