5 Natural moisturizers for dry skin in winters

5 Natural ingredients for moisturizing the dry skin during winters


Winter is a time when the skin is put to test due to dryness which leads to a patchy skin. It is a time when the skin needs some extra care and protection. This winter instead of using the commercial products, treat your skin with some natural moisturizers. Here are a few natural ingredients which can work as a moisturizer and are also effective.

1. Honey – Honey can be a great moisturizer for dry skin. Massage honey directly to the skin and wait for ten minutes before washing it off with luke warm water. Repeat this regularly and see your skin glow during the winter season.

2. Olive Oil – Olive oil is not just good for health but is also good for the skin. Apply some olive oil on the face and skin and leave it overnight. Olive oil contains antioxidants that help to soothe the skin and repair the damaged cells due to excessive dryness. It also helps in preventing age-related wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Aloe vera – The thick leaves of the aloe vera plant have a gel-like substance that works as an excellent moisturizer for the skin during winters. Squeeze all the gel out of one of the leaves and apply it on the face generously. Let it dry for a few minutes and wash it off with normal water. Aloe vera leaves the skin moisturized without leaving any greasy effect.

4. Coconut oil – It is one of the few oils that work the best for the dry skin during winters. You just have to apply some coconut oil on your face, skin, elbows, knees and hands and leave it overnight. You will find your skin soft and glowing in the morning. You can follow the routine everyday.

5. Yogurt – Yogurt is actually relieve you of itchiness and dryness. Apply yogurt on the skin and leave it to dry for ten minutes and then can wash it off with lukewarm water. Curd also mildly exfoliates the skin and gives it a good glow.

Photo Credits: Pixabay