5 Unusual and fun ways to burn calories

Make the process of burning calories fun and not stressful with these unusual and fun tips


Burning calories is usually a pain in the neck and can be quite stressful. There are numerous ways that can be adapted to burn calories but those include giving up on your favorite food or working out hard at the gym. Not many know that there are also a few fun and unusual ways to burn calories.

1 – Drink Cold water – Yes cold water is the trick. Consumption of Cold water produced internal heat as the body works to maintain a balanced temperature. A research has shown the drinking 500 milliliters of cold water can help to increase the number of calories burned.

2 – Laugh out loud – This might sound unusual, but that is what we are talking about. You can watch a comedy film with friends and family and laughing out loud increases the metabolism of the body by 10 to 20 percent and it also increases the heart rate.

3 – Chew Gum – A study by the University of Rhode Island found that chewing gum can reduce the intake of calories and also helps in increasing satiety. People who chew gum tend to consume less calories and do not even take extra food in between the meals.

4 – Shopping therapy – Shopping is surely a fun exercise as while we are shopping we tend to forget how much we are walking. It is a relaxed form of exercise. Walking fast and taking the stairs burns many calories. This is surely one of the fun ways of burning calories.

5 – Clean the house – By just cleaning the windows helps to burn 65 calories, so you can imagine how much calories can be burnt if the floor, living room and bathroom is also done. This process not just cleans the house but also burns your calories.

When a task like burning calories becomes stress free, it becomes easier to achieve your goals. Just make sure that you do not over think about it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay