Embracing Minimalism In order To Get Things Done


Do you feel the need to embrace minimalism?

Minimalism is a tool to rid you of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what is important. “Being a minimalist is not just about throwing out your surplus physical possessions – it’s about minimizing your schedule, your to-do list, getting clarity on your priorities and really being clear about who you are and what you want out of life. It’s the process of de-cluttering your mind.” Source
How Minimalism Helps You To Get Stuff Done
Here are a few ways in which living as a minimalist can help you to become slightly more focused as well as increasingly productive.
1). Priorities come into a clearer view
When your space is simple, you become better at focusing on matters that need to be accomplished at the present time. Focusing only on the essential at the physical realm will help you to reciprocate the same in your everyday endeavours. Pick one or two targets, use them as “bulls-eye” to accomplish tasks. Try to avoid the temptations of any extra outside activities that may destruct you from eating your “bulls-eye”. At the end of the day, accomplishing set targets is a sign of increased productivity in a given area.
2). Minimalism frees-up your financial resources
By deciding to live simply, the way to productivity is automatic. Minimalism requires less of everything: fewer cars, fewer houses, less stuff, generally less financial strain. This frees up resources that might have been tied up somewhere because of excessive consumerism. If you reduce your monthly spending down a given amount because of living simply, then you can use the saved amount to engage in productive projects. That is not bad, right?

3). Minimalism culminates into a less stressful lifestyle
In addition to other benefits that one can incur due to a minimalistic life, it is also vital for your health. Gaining more financial freedom, and more space. An open schedule assists in reducing stress. The less the stress within a person the more the productivity. By keeping things simple and focused, more can be achieved in the end.
4). A minimalist lifestyle frees-up your schedule
A minimalistic lifestyle isn’t only about possessing less stuff. It is also about being free from a tight schedule. Isn’t being less busy in contradiction to increase in productivity you might ask. That is not true. When you do away with non-essential busyness, things like social media. You free-up more time to engage in productivity.

minimalism and clutter
5). Less mess promotes creativity
Clutter isn’t only physical. Clutter can also be mental. You are more likely to get ahead filled with mental clutter if your physical surrounding is cluttered. People sometimes say that the pathway to productivity is empty. A blank paper (working space) and pen/pencil are said to be the friendliest tools to a productive person. With less mess/clutter one is able to pick the essential activities to undertake hence greater productivity.
In the 21st century, consumerism is the order, with marketers often convincing us of the need to purchase more than we require in the name of being trendy and stylish. In contrast, the appeal of being a minimalist comes from the idea that life can be streamlined, reduced, and simplified without essentially sacrificing quality. The idea of a clutter-free living with only essentials can be quite daunting. But it is more beneficial in the long run. You’ll find yourself having a conscious, simpler lifestyle with more clarity and intention than ever before.

Photos: Pixabay