6 Ways to Effectively Groom Your Cat

groom your cat

Groom Your Cat The Right Way!

Cats are born with an awareness that grooming is important and they do it often. For most domestic animals, a little help in this essential part of life only adds to their overall health. For most cat owners, it can sometimes feel like a daunting task. To simplify it, change how you approach the task as it matters a lot.

Before you begin grooming your cat, be prepared. First, pick a time when the cat is relaxed, preferably after feeding it. Gently petting the cat to ease it into the task at hand.

Then begin to tackle the areas mentioned below.

1. Brushing

Despite the cat’s constant grooming. The fur can get tangled, carry dirt, dead hair and even get matted. Use talcum powder to disentangle the matted fur. Brush the cat twice a week. For long haired cats do it daily, because they are likely to carry more dirt particles.

2. Bathing

Cats have a tendency to react aggressively towards water. It’s important to prepare as you begin this task.

• Use warm water and shampoo.

• Let the sink or tub you are using have a rubber bath mat the bottom, to avoid the cat slipping as you are bathing it. Fill it with water 3-4 inches deep.

• Gently wet and shampoo the cat from head to the rest of the body. Don’t spray or pour water on the cat, to avoid it getting startled. Rinse out the shampoo and pat it dry.

3. Clipping

Start with a daily routine of massaging the cat’s paws, to ease it into the process. To clean the paw, wipe with a damp cloth. To clip the claw, massage the paw extending the claw. Use sharp clippers or short scissors specific for cats. Cut parallel to flat of the claw and clip off the white tip only.

4. Ears

Due to wax build up, most cats carry a lot of dirt in their ears. To clean your cat’s ears, use cotton balls. Dampen them in cat cleaning solution and gently flip back the earlobe for access. Wipe away the wax and dirt present. Be sure to do it carefully.

5. Eyes

Everyday eye care is simple. Use a cotton ball soaked in warm water to gently wipe your cat’s eyes. Let the cat sit on your lap and pet them to make it easier. For any eye conditions you notice, consult a vet.

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6. Teeth

To get the cat accustomed to cleaning its teeth, massage the teeth and gums with your finger. Next introduce the cat formulated toothpaste by massaging on lips. Then include the toothbrush in the process. Begin with the front teeth and brush using gentle circular movements.

In conclusion cat grooming doesn’t have to be scary and tedious. Begin the process early while the cat is still a kitten. Ensure you maintain a routine. This will eventually develop into a relaxing time for your pet. Investing in good grooming products will ensure you groom your cat correctly, while your feline stays healthy and clean.

Photos: Pixabay