Sleeping with fan on could not be good for health

People who tend to sleep with the fan on in the night could be at a health risk


Sleeping with a fan might be a very common practice among people. However not many realize that it can also be bad for the health. Surveys have shown that almost everyone in the UK have bought a fan but some of the recent studies have said that sleeping with the fan on could be bad for health. Mark Reddick, who is writing on The Sleep Advisor says that using fans can trigger allergies. The practice of sleeping with the fan on is also unhealthy for people who suffer from asthma.

Reddick said, “For some people, having a ceiling or floor fan in the room helps them fall asleep and stay cool during the night. For others, it can keep them awake, trigger asthma attacks or dry out their eyes.” The author has also explained that a fan causes dust to move around the room. As the fan moves air around the room it causes flurries of dust as well as pollen to make their way in to the sinuses. If the person is prone to allergies, hay fever or asthma this could lead to more problems.

However, the author has also given a solution to the problem and recommended that people clean their fans before using them. If the fan has dust collected on the blades, this means that those particles are flying through the air every time it is turned on. Apart from respiratory problems, it also risks the skin of dryness as the constant blast of air can cause dryness. There are lotions or moisturizers that might prevent the problem, but if the skin is excessively dry then ample precaution and care must be taken not to over dry it.

Another thing to worry is that some people tend to keep their eyes partially open. A steady air stream dry the eyes and can cause major irritation. People who wear contact lenses when they sleep it can be more problematic.

Photo Credits: Pixabay