Rally To Restore Sanity – Event By Jon Stewart On 30th October


Updated Trends – Rally To Restore Sanity: Event By Jon Stewart On 30th October

Comedy Central host, Jon Stewart has stated that he will be having the Rally To Restore Sanity to take out Glenn Beck and his followers. Well after hearing this, it shocks most of us as to what sort of reaction should be given, but people can at least have a good laugh. The rally is in response to Glenn’s ‘Restoring Honor Rally’ that took place on the 28th of August.

Ron Stewart Rally To Restore Sanity

When asked about it, he stated “loud folks dominate the conversation on our country’s most important issues.” And at times he thinks why doesnt the sound and sane population of the country, which constitutes to 80% of the crowd in America, are not yelling and screaming like others, well he knows why, he said well they have “shit to do”.

On the 30th as scheduled, Stewart feels that this crowd will be able to something in Washington, and he is very serious, at least from his side, for organizing a rally of people who think “I disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler” and also the other people who are dissatisfied and are not ideological. Well lets wait and see what Stewart manages to get out from this rally.