Sri Lanka Road Construction Blast Kills 60 People


Updated Trends: Sri Lanka Road Construction Blast Kills 60 People

Sri Lanka authorities have stated that a blast in the Batticaloa District has killed 60 people. The blast occurred accidentally when explosives kept for the road construction went off. It is also reported that in the blast, some two Chinese people have also died.

Sri Lanka Bomb Blast

According the authorities, three containers containing dynamites were being transported to the police station for storage and safety reasons. The dynamites used for the explosions in the road construction were undertaken under a Chinese firm and as a reason two of the Chinese men died during the blasts.

The explosion occurred outside the police station and this one reason some many people have died during the blast. It was reported that some 20 people died on the very moment of the explosion, and the rest are also feared dead. The Chinese firm has ruled out that there could be a possibility of Sabotage.