Imran Farooq, A Pakistani Politician Has Been Murdered In London


Updated Trends: Imran Farooq A Pakistani Politician Has Been Murdered In London

In a shocking incident, Imran Farooq a Pakistani Politician, who was exiled from his country has been murdered out side his residence in London, on Thursday. Mr. Farooq was an MQM Party Member in Pakistan, and he was killed at Green Lane, Edgware. As per the local police, they have stated that Mr. Farooq has died due to severe multiple stabbing wounds and serious head injuries.
Imran Farooq

The MQM in Pakistan on the other hand, has declared a 10 day mourning for their deceased member, in addition to this the city of Karachi witnessed some violence, as cars were set on fire and gun fires were heard in the city. Thousands of MQM activists have gathered near the deceased members home in Karachi.
Imran Farooq Murdered

The police stated that after they reached the spot where Mr. Farooq was lying, the paramedics tried to treat him on the spot but he was declared dead. It has been reported that there were no arrests made in connection to the murder. Mr. Farooq had left Pakistan in the year 1992 and since from that time he had been staying London as an exile.