London becomes capital for teenage suicides

The number of teenage suicides in London has gone up than the rest of England and Wales


Teenagers in London seem to be more pressurized that the ones in across the UK. A recent study has found that there is a major rise in the teenage suicides in London than across the England and Wales. The study has released warnings that the youngsters might be facing a lot of pressure and need to be attended at the earliest.

In 2015-16 it was found that there were 29 deaths by suicide among the ten and 19 year olds when compared to the figures found in 2013 and 14. There was an increase of 107 % noticed. Even in England and Wales the figure of such deaths increased from 148 to 184 which marked a 24% rise. The numbers were released by the Office for National Statistics to the Brent centre for Young people in north London. On the other hand it was found that an overall number of suicides increased by 48% in the three year old period.

The centre has appealed for more investments in mental health services and the need for education to prevent a “needless waste of young lives”. The chief executive of the centre, Dr Maxim de Sauma said, “When young people with crippling or disabling mental health conditions are not given the support they need, it wastes lives.” Dr Maxim noticed that people in London were more pressurized than they are in the other parts of the UK. The chief executive added that the parents are not able to prioritize the difficulties as they are under a lot of stress. The stress has been passed on from one generation to the other which means the damage has become continuous.

An adolescent psychotherapist, Valentina Levi said that it is flooded with such cases of teenage suicides in the past year and that she was worried that the frontline workers were just able to see a small number of young people at risk.

Photo Credits: Pixabay