5 habits that can damage the brain

There are a few everyday habits which can lead to damage of the brain


Many of us take our body for granted but there are many who take care of themselves by regularly working out. But has anyone thought about taking care of the brain that is actually doing all the everyday chores for you. People might not realize that there are many habits that damage the brain. The human brain is an important organ of the body and requires training, exercise and nutrition. Here are a few things mentioned below that might be damaging your brain.

1. Over-eating – You surely might be hungry, but are you aware that over-eating might not be good for your stomach but is also not good for the brain. Such an habit can have damaging effects on the brain. Over-eating can lead to deposition of cholesterol plaques and also thickening of blood vessels which can reduce the blood supply to the brain.

2. Skipping breakfast – No matter how late you are for the office, it is a complete no-no to skip breakfast. Your body has been fasting for the entire night for eight hours and not having food for a few more hours can lead to damaging effects on the brain. This can lead to low sugar supply and low nutrients supply to the brain.

3. Lack of sleep – Not having enough sleep can have adverse effects on the brain’s capacity to perform normally. Lack of sleep can also lead to a temporary memory loss and cognitive tissues. Not having enough sleep can also lead to psychological issues and sleep disturbances.

4. Indulging in junk/sugary foods – Consuming refined sugar can diminish the brain’s ability to absorb proteins and nutrients which can in turn result in malnourishment and brain disorders which can include learning disorders and poor memory.

5. Covering head while sleeping – Never sleep with your head covered as it can lead to the concentration of carbon-di-oxide and reduces the oxygen content in the blood. Lack of oxygen can damage and reduce the functioning capacity of the brain.

Photo Credits: Pixabay