Latin Celebrities Taking Over The Music Scene!



In 2017, the song Despacito by Latin celebrity Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee took over the airwaves worldwide with everybody singing and dancing to it. You did not have to know Spanish so as to sing along. The chorus was mainly preferred by all since it is catchy. Since then Spanish songs are being released daily and many people are accepting and listening to them.

Those who do not speak the language used in the song are now the biggest fans. The songs are topping the global music charts. The tracks have a lot of views on YouTube once they are released. For example, Despacito has over 5 billion views, Mi Gente by J Balvin and Willy Williams has 9.10 million likes, Echame la culpa by Luis Fonsi has over 1 billion views including other hit songs like Subeme la Radio and Bailando by Enrique Iglesias, Chantaje by Shakira among many more.

People are loving this songs for many reasons. Maybe it’s the pop and reggaeton genre that is adopted in this songs or it is the semi-nudity and provocative dance styles of the video vixens in the songs.

The Latino singers are also collaborating with the US singers. For example Despacito was made more popular by Justin Bieber when he remixed it, Beyoncé has also done Mi Gente with J Balvin and Willy Williams. Luis Fonsi has also collaborated with Demi Lovato in Echame la culpa. The boy band CNCO have remixed their song Reggaeton lento with Little mix making the song more popular. The singers have also collaborated with each other for example, the song Hey Mama by J Balvin, Camila Cabello and Pitbull.

This is the right direction to go musically and these are some of the reasons why the music is becoming more popular day after day. Everybody should look forward to more and more Latin songs to be released and also amazing collaborations.