7 Things you can do to when you cannot fall asleep

When you cannot fall asleep there are a few things that you can do to utilize the time


There are many times your sleep gets disturbed and you find it hard to doze off again. Such a situation can be frustrating as at that time nothing else can be done than sleeping. But in case you are not able to fall asleep, there are a few things which can be done instead of getting bored and irritated.

1. Pick up one thing to focus on – Remember when your parents used to say during childhood to count sheep? The trick is to focus on one specific thing which can be done to fall asleep faster. You can focus on your breadth or chant a soothing mantra.

2. Pretend to be tired – Your brain can be tricked, by just thinking that you have done a lot of work and are exhausted. Try concentrating things that you would feel if you were tired like drooping eyes, lying on the bed lifeless or sensation of sinking on your bed.

3. Pick up a book – You can pick up a book of your favourite genre on a Kindle or phone. Dim the lights in the room and just use a lamp to read. The environment will automatically allow you to slip in to deep sleep.

4. Listen to your favourite music – Instead of songs with blasting music, select some acoustic, simple and soothing music which will be perfect to put to off to sleep.

5. Meditate – When you cannot do anything else, meditation is the best thing you can do. This is not just good for health but is also best for mental health and will make your life easier.

6. Drink something hot and soothing – A hot mug of hot chocolate can be the best to allow your body to relax. Avoid coffee and tea as this can make things worse and not allow you to sleep the whole night.

7. Watch a good or informative movie – If you are not able to sleep you can make the most of it by grasping something informative like watching a good movie which is informative and educational.

Photo Credits: Pixabay