5 easy habits to increase your life expectancy by ten years

A study has found that following 5 simple habits can increase your life expectancy by about ten years

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not rocket science. Even though many people are aware of this fact, are unable to follow it. A new study has found that maintenance of just a handful of healthy habits can extend your life expectancy by more than 10 years. At present it is found that an average 50 year old American can live another 30 to 33 years but a new study has said that by just maintaining five simple lifestyle habits could increase the life expectancy by ten years.

1. Eating Healthy – Even though many people are already adopting healthy eating habits, but there are still many people, who fail to treat their body with healthy stuff. Fast food or junk food can be good for your taste buds but it might not be that good for your body. Healthy food also means maintaining a balanced diet, which means you have to eat everything in moderation and in balance. Giving up carbohydrates or giving up gluten does not do any good to the body.

2. Regular exercise – You need not spend hours in to the gym. Regular exercise means that you need to dedicate some time which is beneficial for the body. It can range from a half an hour walk, some aerobics on your favourite music or just dance like no one is watching. Exercise in any form is good for your health.

3. Maintaining a normal Weight – There are people who become obsessed of losing extra weight. That might be good up to a certain extent, but might not be good after a limit. Losing weight also reduces the metabolism of the body. Make sure that you are providing your body with all minerals, vitamins and food which is healthy.

4. No Smoking – Smoking is not just unhealthy for the one who smokes but is also bad for the ones who are next to you. Passive smoking does equal harm than to an active smoker.

5. Alcohol in moderation – Alcohol consumption can be done in moderation. Excessive consumption is never good for the body.

Photo Credits: Pixabay