Beyoncé’s How To Make Lemonade is an artistic ode to her album, culture and fashion

Beyoncé How To Make Lemonade

Beyoncé dominated the charts last year with her groundbreaking sixth studio album, Lemonade. It was undoubtedly one of the most unapologetic shoutouts to her marriage to Jay-Z, Black culture and feminism. The power of Lemonade cannot be denied. And now, in conjunction with her hit-selling, award winning album, Beyoncé presents – How To Make Lemonade.

The book is for sure a collector’s item. Those in the Beyhive will have this on their Christmas list. The book digs deep into the creation behind Lemonade, proving once again that it was a well thought out album that dealt with some of the topics closest to Bey’s heart, rather than a haphazard attempt to sell another album.

Some of the things that stand out from How To Make Lemonade include the custom-designed Gucci wardrobe designed for Formation. Another masterpiece is the work created by Laolu Senbanjo Yoruba that was featured in Sorry. There are also throwback photos of Beyoncé’s family that features her ancestry and heritage that she is no doubt proud of inheriting and passing on to Blue Ivy and Sir and Rumi.

Another brilliant attempt by Beyoncé to take a political nosedive in Lemonade was the use of a headscarf that the uninitiated would think was a fashion statement, but actually has a more political background. It was creating a connection to Louisiana’s Tignon laws that forced Creole women to restrict what they wore and therefore continue down that path of racism.

With How To Make Lemonade, Beyoncé furthers her daring tribute to her Black ancestors. Her nod to the Black Panthers at the Super Bowl and donning of attire like a fertile goddess at the Grammys only goes to show that she is a force to reckon with. This is Beyoncé at her most finest.

The Collector’s Edition of How To Make Lemonade retails at $299.99 and includes the 600-page book, along with a double vinyl set of Lemonade.

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