Camp Bacon Is A Haven That Sells Everything From Bacon Popcorn To Bacon Desserts

Camp Bacon 2017

Bet you’re already drooling. In this world apparently anything is possible, including Candied Bacon Creme Brûlée. We’re not kidding. Camp Bacon is an annual event that lets you dive into the salty, melty, meaty world of delicious. Hosted every year for five days, this pork lovers’ haven is held at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Here, you talk everything related to bacon. There are experts on the gory art of slaughtering pigs, and artisans who educate visitors on the crucial steps on how to create the striped slices of heaven. Specialized chefs even teach you a few tricks and scrumptious recipes, and of course, they offer you plenty of samples with their live cookery class! For those who are a fan of porky goodness, then this is a place that has to make it on your bucket list.



This year, the event is currently ongoing, starting from May 31 to June 4. Visitors can purchase individual tickets that will allow you access to all the pigging (excuse the pun) spots in and around Ann Arbor. This is the real deal. Guests can mingle with other bacon aficionados, talk to bacon bloggers, test recipes with chefs, nibble samples and taste bacon infused delicacies from all parts of the palate spectrum.

There are even bacon bakery classes. Make all your favorite bases – scones, cakes, cookies and doughnuts with that special pork flavoring on top. Camp Bacon is even hosting a bacon movie festival that includes popcorn with speckled bacon. And witness bacon open mic night that features odes to the special meat in the form of song and poetry.

And if you’re feeling a little pigged out (pun intended), know that your five day getaway is for a good cause – some of the proceeds go towards the 4-H Club and Southern Foodways Alliance that is responsible for maintaining Southern food culture in America.

To delve into more things bacon, visit the Camp Bacon website.