Top Treats From The Happiest Place On Earth – Disneyland!


Adult or child alike, everyone just loves Disney. After all, it is called the “happiest place on earth” for a reason. From the theme parks, to the adventure lands and beyond, you can live your whole life in Disney and still not completely explore its vast awesomeness. If you need a reason to visit this real-life fantasy, then just check out their food!

Disney has a number of restaurants, each with their own cuisine. And the food is spectacular. From carts along the pathways, to restaurants for fine dining, this place has it all. Going by the thousands of fans that throng Disneyland, here are the top dishes you will get from the happiest place on earth – get ready to drool!

Lemon Rose Cake

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This decadent desert is made for a princess. Taking on the theme of Beauty And The Beast, this cake is shaped like a yellow rose that melts into red. And the filling is just as delightful. A strawberry-rose filling, lemon curd and chocolate cake. It’s available at the Red Rose Taverne.

Dole Whip

Anyone looking for a quick summer haven in a cup will find it in Disney’s most famous treat – the dole whip. A number of people wait in queue to get a taste of this tropical delight. It is made up of the simplest ingredients – frozen pineapple and coconut milk.

Rose Cake Pop

Since we are technically on the topic of Beauty And The Beast themed treats, this one is another ode to the fairytale. Shaped like a rose that you can present to a loved one, it is also totally edible! You can get this at Pooh’s corner.

Mickey Beignets

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Disney’s taken a twist on the New Orleans’ deep fried staple and given it a charming twist with the head of Mickey Mouse! These sugar dusted Mickey beignets are a delight for anyone of any age!

Ice Cream Nachos

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Everyone loves to be let in on a hidden secret – and this one is a doozy. If you head over to The Golden Horseshoe, you can order this special item from the secret menu. It’s broken pieces of an ice cream cone, topped with ice cream scoops and toppings of your choice… with a cherry on top! Just take a cone bit and scoop up a mouthful of happiness!

Tigger’s Tail

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If you’re a fan of Winnie The Pooh, you are going to love this dessert. It’s curated like Tigger’s little tiger tail. It is made with marshmallows, coated in caramel and white chocolate, covered in orange sprinkles with chocolate stripes. It’s available at, you guessed it, Pooh’s corner.