Tony Blair Accuses Coalition Government’s Criminal Policies


Updated Trends: Tony Blair Accuses Coalition Government’s Criminal Policies

Tony Blair has strictly criticized the coalition government’s approach towards the crime in UK. Blair was famous for being tough on crime and his approach towards crime. He has shown his disagreement over the prison policy of Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke. These comments by the former PM is the first criticism on the Coalition Government since it came into power in May.

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Mr. Clarke had stated that there is overcrowding in the prisons of UK and there needs to be a short sentence term over criminals to curb the over population in the prisons. But according to Mr. Blair, criminals should be awarded the sentences they deserve.

He stated that there are young boys who are stabbing people around and they are shown mercy, rather UK should take an example from the developing countries where such a thing is unacceptable at all. Showing leniency over criminals will make people’s lives more difficult in in the UK.