Doctors Failed To Diagnose Michael Douglas’ Cancer On Time


Updated Trends: Michael Douglas Cancer Was Not Diagnosed In At The Right Time

Michael Douglas’ cancer was not diagnosed at the right time, says his wife actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. On the 16th of August , Michael was told that he had stage 4 cancer, and one can imagine what might have been the condition of his mind. Recently on his visit at the David Letterman Show, he said that he has stage 4 cancer and he will do everything to fight it.

michael douglas cancer

Michael has been advised chemotherapy and radiation therapy for his illness which he has begun shortly. He told Letterman that he was not so comfortable with the treatment, but he had to do it. Letterman even complemented him by saying that he looked even better, even though he had the condition.

His wife, Catherine, on the other hand is not looking so confident about the whole situation, as she said that Michael tried the best from his side to find out whether the pain his neck was a cancer or not. He had visited many doctors and none of them were able to diagnose the cancer in Michael in time.