Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts Once Again In Indonesia


Updated Trends: Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts Once Again In Indonesia

In the latest developments of Mount Sinabung Volcano, it has been reported that it has spewed hot ash once again, and this time 10,000 feet in the atmosphere. Tremors from the eruption have been felt as far as five miles away, and it was the strongest so far. The Eruption which took place caught most of the people off guard and forced them into an emergency evacuation.

Indonesia Volcano Sinabung

The number of people who have been evacuated have been numbered to 30,000, and they are now settled in cramped relief camps. The explosion on Friday was the worst, as the tremor from the eruption shook the mountain for almost five minutes, plus it left the air in the region with a thick scent of sulphur.

The explosion on the mountain last took place in the year 1600, some four hundred years before. Government vulcanologists have said that they did not attend the mountain when it showed signs of rumbling last week, for they were busy with the other 129 volcanoes in the country.