Kylie Cosmetics In Trouble Over Provocative Makeup Names

Kylie Cosmetics blushes
Kylie Cosmetics

When you’re an entrepreneur, the sky’s the limits. And for someone as high-profile as reality star Kylie Jenner, it looks like she wants to mix business with pleasure. But not at all in the way that you think. And her beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics is in a little bit of hot water for this one.

Her latest blush collection from Kylie Cosmetics is already stirring up controversy, even before its release. Now, the star is already known for her scandals, and she’s looking to involve that with her makeup line. If you recall, while still legally underage, she was openly dating rapper and father-of-one, Tyga. He is eight years her senior, and fans were not really impressed with their relationship. Of course, her big sisters came to her defence at the time, saying that what they had was special. And now that she’s crossed 18, she makes it a point to be as provocative as possible. It’s tolerable when she does that to herself, but involving it with beauty products doesn’t bode well.

Case in point, her new shades of blushes. She’s already released a number of doozies that were sold out within minutes of release. But this time around, her customers are protesting. The shades of each blush look innocent to the eye, but the names she’s attached to them are questionable. X-Rated, Barely Legal, Virginity, Hot and Bothered, Hopeless Romantic – yes, that’s the names she’s plastered on her new set of blushes.

Fans took to social media to ask what on God’s earth is going on? Is she trying to downplay her relationship with Tyga by naming a blush “Barely Legal”? What is with “X-Rated” and “Virginity” as well? Would a mother want to buy these products for her daughter? What type of message is this sending across about women who use her products?

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Kylie Cosmetics hasn’t yet answered that question, but it’s really something to ponder nonetheless. Before they’re even up for sale, people want it taken down. They’re a bunch of makeup products, for God’s sake. Should fans be asking for answers over a beauty product, or are they right in saying that Kylie is trying to sexualize her brand to get more sales?