Kendall+Kylie DropOne Limited Edition Collection is out! – Pics


When you’re related to the Kardashians, anything goes. Social media and reality stars, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are making waves with their joint fashion line. As you know, Kendall is actually on her way to becoming a supermodel and Kylie is famous for her provocative Instagram posts and makeup line. But together, they’re attempting to take the fashion world by storm, and how!

Kendall+Kylie DropOne is the latest in the list of achievements for the young sisters. They’ve released a limited edition line, and the collection is a little over-the-top. Everything in the line retails for over $100, not to mention that the clothes are a little weird for someone walking down the street or buying groceries. But having clothing that bears the label of the famous duo is bound to make customers come a-running.

For each of the pieces, they claim that they are “one of a kind, hand numbered and made in the USA”. Some of the pieces have already sold out, and others are apparently running low on stock. They do seem a little pricey, but for “limited edition”, you do get an exclusive price.

Take a look at the complete Kendall-Kylie DropOne Limited Edition Collection –

Long Sleeve Corset T-Shirt


This piece has holes in it and can make even the most flat woman appear a little fuller at the top.

Kendall+Kylie DropOne Limited Edition Collection

Corset Bodysuit


These are all the rage right now, as Kylie displays her assets for the camera.

Kendall+Kylie DropOne Limited Edition Collection

Cropped Fleece Jacket


This piece would be great if it was turning into winter right now, though the exact opposite is happening in the northern hemisphere.

Kendall+Kylie DropOne Limited Edition Collection

Duchess Satin Shopping Bag


These bags come in a number of colors, including yellow (pictured below), red, green and black.

Kendall+Kylie DropOne Limited Edition Collection

Paperbag Sweatpants


No comments.

Kendall+Kylie DropOne Limited Edition Collection

Shrunken Bomber Jacket


These jackets come in two colors – yellow and red (pictured below).

Kendall+Kylie DropOne Limited Edition Collection

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