Miss Korea 2016, Jenny Kim Reveals Her Beauty Secrets!


How do Miss Universe 2016 contestants care for their skin? Let’s find out!

Miss Universe 2016 contestant Miss Korea 2016 – Jenny Kim’s flawless skin was hard not to notice as she awed everyone with her natural glow!

Miss Korea 2016, Jenny Kim in the evening gown round at the Miss Universe 2016 Beauty Pageant held on January 30, 2017 in Manila, Phillipines

Miss Korea 2016 revealed in an interview that she uses a lot of  makeup on stage and for promotional events and thus it’s very important for her clean up properly. She revealed that cleansing, is the most important part of taking care of the skin.

“The heavy make-up makes my skin so dry so it’s also important to use moisturizing cream, my skin is quite sensitive so I avoid using toners and that helps keep my skin a little less dry.” Jenny Kim said.

Still, Miss Korea 2016, Jenny Kim is one of those beautiful women who believe that beauty is skin deep and true beauty comes from within. It’s the beautiful feelings, emotions and thoughts that matter at the end of the day. Physical beauty can be achieved through clothes and cosmetics, but it’s the inner beauty that hard to change.

“True beauty comes from the inside with beautiful feelings and emotions. You can buy clothes and cosmetics to achieve physical beauty but inner beauty is difficult to change.” – Jenny Kim’s personal belief on beauty.

Miss Korea 2016, Jenny Kim’s official Miss Universe 2016 Photoshoot

The winner of Miss Universe 2016 Special Award of Miss Congeniality even had a very touching message for young girls like her –

“Please love yourself. I never thought that I could be representing Korea in Miss Universe. I’ve always dreamed of it, and if you dream big, it will come true.”

The 23 year old beauty queen was voted Miss congeniality by her fellow contestants and she surely seems like the right candidate, given her views!

Photo Credits – missuniverse.com