Beauty And The Beast Animated Posters Out + Final Trailer – Watch!


Disney’ Beauty and the Beast live action movie is about to hit theatres and fans can’t wait to catch the Emma Watson starrer. A remake of the enchanting animated movie that was released decades ago, the story of a beautiful young girl and a visible beast.

Though the original movie included talking clocks and animated cutlery, the live action version will involve real actors to take over the those parts, including the extremely talented Sir Ian McKellen.

Beauty and the Beast is the story of a beautiful girl who voluntarily goes into imprisonment in The Beast’s castle in exchange for the life of her father. She is also being pursued by the narcissistic Gaston, as he tries to win her hand in marriage. While in the castle, she meets the animated clock and cutlery, who begin to take to her and hope that she will be able to melt the heart of The Beast. He, in reality, is a prince who was confined to an evil spell that can only be broken when he meets “the one”. Will he run out of time? Or will something come in the way of true love for Belle and The Beast?

Take a look at the live posters for Beauty and the Beast. Aren’t they magical?

Emma Watson as Belle (Beauty)

Dan Stevens as The Beast

Luke Evans as Gaston

Josh Gad as LeFou

Ewan McGregor as Lumiére

Sir Ian McKellen as Cogsworth

Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts

Kevin Kline as Maurice

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette

Audra McDonald as Garderobe

Stanley Tucci as Cadenza

The final trailer for the live version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson has finally been released! Check it out below –



Beauty and the Beast will be released in theatres worldwide on March 17, 2017. We are going to be there first day, first show!