How To Build And Grow Your YouTube Channel In Two Weeks

Alexey Boldin / Shutterstock, Inc.

Social media has taken over the world like nobody’s business. In fact, there are many ‘webpreneurs’ who have made a fortune and built an empire by using this free-to-access tool. If you have the skills, you too can make a career out of social media. Though Instagram, Snapchat and the now-deceased Vine are extremely popular platforms for social media stars, YouTube still dominates because it has a USP like no other – video.

If you’ve been reading up on forecasts by experts, you would know that video content is one of the most important ways you can make a business successful. Millennials like reading less, and watching more. You can impart scientific knowledge, explain tech products and release your funny to the world by simply creating a video and uploading it on YouTube.

And you don’t even need to be a pro at video-making. A lot of YouTubers actually make home videos and get millions of views just because of the type of content they are selling and how they market it. Of course, practice makes perfect. So, if you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel with the spare time you have, check out these tools on how to build and grow your YouTube channel in two weeks.

First off – Start Today!

Step two is Analyse

Any good marketer will tell you that you need to first scope the scene before putting your foot in. It’s not like your Bilbo Baggins out on an adventure with a wise wizard. This is business. Watch videos of people making similar videos covering topics that you are interested in. For example, self-taught makeup artists do similar things, but add their own style. They also have videos on their own channels inviting other makeup artists from the fam. This way, you spread your audience.

Step three is to have a Content Strategy

Build a map on the topics you will be covering over a span of time. This will help you be prepared and make improvements well in advance. Also, you don’t want to be stuttering and stammering while on video. If you need any expert help, hire a professional who can help you out. Also, stay in line with what your covering. Nobody wants to hear about gaming from a makeup guru and vice versa. Also, and most important, keep a schedule. Have you seen how Superwoman makes videos ‘every Monday and Thursday’, so followers know when to expect new material. Again, don’t be erratic and keep the flow smooth.

Step four is to understand Terms & Conditions

Being on YouTube is like joining a company. In that, there are certain terms & conditions that you will need to follow. The video channel may not pay you or promote your videos if it involves copyrighted content like borrowed songs, or videos that are too short or too long. Also, if your videos include adult-related content like expletives, they may have other rules that you will have to follow or get banned for life. And you don’t want that happening. Before hitting I Agree, actually read the terms for once! Here’s a pro tip: if you feel that you’re too small and you find a much bigger, more established channel already in existence, join them. You get free advertising and marketing, and you make a good name for yourself being under the lead of that channel. Many musicians have joined VEVO and they get ten times the views they would as small-timers.

Web Content is one of the most important parts of effective online business.

Step five is to Know Your Audience

In the beginning, maybe only friends and acquaintances may subscribe to your channel. Soon, you will find more viewers coming in to take a look at what you have to offer. Thanks to Analytics, you can understand the demographics of your audience. Learn from them and give them what they want. They are usually very audible on what they’re looking for and offer free advice (and open criticism, mind you) through the comment section. In fact, YouTubers mostly create new content based on what their followers are asking them to do. Whichever comment gets the most popular likes, the YouTuber smartly uses that to build more videos. Your viewers will be pleased to know you’re listening to them, and will invite their friends to join as well.

Step six is to create a Call To Action

If you pay close attention to what YouTubers are saying through their videos, you will notice a common thread – they all have a call to action. During the video, you may also see pop-ups on the video screen that invite you to view more of their videos that cover similar topics. Also, in the description box below the video, they attach links to their websites, affiliates, etc. During your video or at the end, mention specifically to ‘subscribe to my channel’ and ‘hit the like button’ and ‘comment below’. Common people tend to do what they are told, so they will follow your instructions, but only if you tell them to.

Step seven is to Promote

No product in the modern world was made successful without a little promotion or marketing. Depending solely on word-of-mouth will get you a limited number of followers. Instead, you can pay a little money and ask YouTube to promote your channel. Also, if you have followers on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, among others, inform them about the YouTube channel you have created and invite them to subscribe if they want more of you.

All the best!