Kate Middleton’s Favorite Foods That Keep Her Happy & Healthy

Prince William and Kate Middleton Shaun Jeffers / Shutterstock, Inc.

Not everyone is blessed with good genes or a metabolism that’s hard as steel. But by eating the right way, you can work up a body that doesn’t bloat at the sight of fattening foods and allows for you to chow down your favorite meals without packing on the weight. Whether you’re Hollywood actress Blake Lively, who Instagram’d her bowl of mac and cheese made with cream cheese, or the wife of the future King of England, Catherine Middleton, indulging in the right way is the key to staying fit and healthy.

Kate Middleton has had two children. Though she’s blessed with countryside to jog till kingdom come, she can’t really live an “active” life per se, since she’s always traveling, looking after her family and keeping away from the paparazzi. Yet, how does she maintain herself so well? For one, she doesn’t deprive herself. Find out Kate Middleton’s favorite foods that keep her healthy and happy –


It is said that Kate has her love of a good curry. Her family is known to sit together for supper, something that the Royals haven’t been able to do owing to their schedules. Though she does not cook herself, she mostly asks that curries be served at the table.

Dukan Diet

This one is said to be adopted by many celebrities including Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen and pop star Jennifer Lopez when they wanted to lose baby weight. Around the time of her nuptials with the Prince, she delved into the strict diet that involved lean proteins, fresh produce, including prawns and cottage cheese to curb cravings.

Home Recipes

Though Kate undoubtedly gets the best of food wherever she travels in the world, her heart is at home. She swears by family recipes, so much so that the first Christmas she spent with the Royals, she gifted the Queen a jar of homemade chutney, instead of a fancy gift. Her Majesty was impressed!

Raw & Fresh

As mentioned earlier, part of the Dukan diet involves eating fresh produce. Any dish that involves the use of raw food, Kate indulges in. From tabouleh to almond milk and fruit salad, it’s her go-to for daily healthy eating.

Kate Middleton has always had a svelte figure, though not without a strict regimen Mr Pics / Shutterstock, Inc.


Being around the Royal family and traveling to the best world locations, Kate has the most indulgent treats handed to her on a daily basis. She doesn’t prohibit herself from enjoying a treat once in a way, like around Christmas, when the roast turkey and ham is served at the table.


Kate suffered from severe nausea while pregnant, so much so that she couldn’t eat for fear of throwing up. Undergoing food hypnotherapy, she had to eat healthy food like oats, berries, avocados and milk to stay healthy and maintain her pregnancy weight.

Edible Adventure

Since she travels the world quite often on Royal tours, Kate gets to eat multiple cuisines in the course of a year. She likes to try things out, instead of being snobbish about her diet. She is even known to eat in front of the cameras, something that other celebrities of her stature would find appalling.


No good meal is ever complete without dessert. Kate loves her desserts as well. One of the best ones served around Christmas in Buckingham palace is her husband’s childhood favorite, sticky toffee pudding. She also gets to enjoy sweet treats during afternoon tea and lets the children enjoy their just desserts as well!