How To Recover From Your Holiday Hangover


Yes, the holidays are officially over and you have to slowly, dreadfully get back to routine life. True, it’s been a week already, but for sure most of you have carried forward your drinking session with your buddies for the first weekend of the year. Don’t deny it. But now, it’s going to be back to business from Monday, when deadlines have to be met and targets have to be achieved. Is all of this possible with a compelling hangover? Nope. So we’re giving you the easy way out. Follow these tips on how to recover from your holiday hangover and act like the weekend blackout never happened –

Get done with the easy stuff

If you have a choice to calculate numbers or write a report similar to the ones you do every week, go for the second task. Your brain is in holiday mode, ok? If you tax it too much, it might need another dose of alcohol to get back up again. Doing the easy tasks mean that at least you’re ticking something off your to-do list without having to tick-off your brain.

Focus on a couple of tasks

It’s always more difficult to multi-task when your brain is in a fuzz. Instead of handling multiple jobs at one time, focus the limited energy you have on a couple of tasks that just have to get done. You can leave the rest for after your much-needed coffee break.

Postpone meetings

Being hungover means that your toleration level is on the minimum. On regular days you have a problem dealing with slow/annoying colleagues. Imagine having to sit with them and make decisions for your company, coupled with a hammering head. Do what’s best for yourself and everyone else, and just postpone that meeting for a later time. For all you know, your co-workers will thank you for it as they secretly handle their own personal hammering heads.

Avoid sugar

At such a time, you might feel like grabbing for the nearest sugar-loaded snack to get over the snag. But the truth is that sugar actually lowers your metabolism and your hangover will just take longer to get over. Instead, drink plenty of water and try a little workout. The burst of oxygen and adrenaline will make your head feel more open for that busy day ahead.

Hang out with buddies

There’s always that colleague that makes you laugh no matter what. Hang out with the people who will bring laughter to your life and make you forget about the hangover altogether. Laughter really is the best medicine. And the best part is that being with such people will just uplift you and make you happy.